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Written by: Terry Sylvester and Allan Clarke. Users can even go up to 50x with a digital zoom, but we did not test this feature. In addition to the all-new zoom system, the P30 Pro features an upgraded bokeh mode. Super-resolution generates an image with 54mm equivalent focal length and good detail rendering.

It then uses data from the time-of-flight ToF laser which measures the distance to objects in the scene to confirm and fine-tune the initial depth-map generated by the primary and super-wide cameras. The P30 Pro uses H. In lower light, when slower shutter speeds are required for good exposure, the camera switches back to a more conventional 30 frames per second. Unlike the Pixel 3, however, the Huawei does not record at intermediate frame rates, so it shoots at either 30 or 60 fps only.

Looking at the impressive spec sheet and innovative camera technologies, it could be easy assume that the P30 Pro will blow the competition out of the water. But can its top-end hardware and innovative software really work seamlessly together to create class-leading still and video image quality?

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Read our full test report to find out. This article is designed to highlight the most important results of our testing. More details on how we score smartphone cameras are available here. With a DxOMark Mobile score of , the Huawei P30 Pro is the new number one in our ranking and achieves this feat by building on an outstanding Photo score of points. Compared to previous Huawei models such as the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro, the most obvious improvements are in the areas of bokeh and zoom, where the P30 Pro sets new benchmarks, thanks to its innovative 5x tele-camera with folded optics and ToF sensor that allows for more precise depth maps in bokeh mode.

That said, the P30 Pro performs well in almost all our test categories. Exposure is good down to extremely low light levels, and in challenging backlit situations, the camera is intelligent enough to focus prioritize subject exposure over the background. Some clipping can occur in the highlights, but the images are a little more contrasty overall than with previous Huawei models.

The autofocus works flawlessly in all situations, and the Huawei engineers have once again found a very good balance between detail and noise.

The P30 Pro renders fine details and textures better than most competitors across all light levels, and at the same time is capable of keeping noise levels low. This is also true for flash images, which are excellent overall, with good exposure, neutral white balance, and well-controlled light fall-off.

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In terms of color, our testers found saturation to be slightly low across all light levels, and observed an unnatural cyan touch to blue skies, along with other color casts in bright light and in indoor images. Artifacts that we found in our sample images include fairly intrusive hue shifts around clipped areas and a demosaicing artifact around some light sources.

Its image stabilization relies on both optical and electronic systems and is one of the best we have seen, making for smooth footage in most situations. As with still images, Huawei has found a good compromise between texture rendition and noise reduction. Only in low light does some loss of detail and increased noise levels become more obvious. The autofocus system works reliably in almost all situations as well.

But also like in stills mode, video footage is prone to color casts, and our testers also observed some white balance instabilities.

The Huawei P30 Pro performs very well in this category, consistently producing good target exposure and punchy contrast, even down to very low light levels. Even at near darkness—at a light level of 1 lux, where most competitors struggle—the P30 Pro camera is capable of capturing well-exposed images. P30 Pro images have slightly stronger contrast and a touch less detail in the shadows. We also observed some clipping in highlight areas of the frame in challenging high-contrast scenes. So dynamic range is good overall, but not the best we have seen.

A Distant Light

The camera also deals well with backlit portrait scenes like the one below. For this kind of scene, this is a very sensible compromise. The P30 Pro scores well for Color, but our testers did identify a few areas for improvement, especially in bright light.

We often found the color rendering of blue skies to be a little unnatural as well, with a noticeable cyan cast. On the plus side, white balance is neutral in both outdoor and indoor shooting conditions. As a result, the Huawei AF focuses quickly and produces consistently sharp images in all light conditions. Thanks to zero shutter lag and buffering technologies, the camera is capable of capturing an image virtually at the same time as the shutter is pressed, for both short and long delays after defocusing.

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The P30 Pro image processing finds a very good balance between detail retention and noise reduction, and the Huawei is among the very best devices overall for texture and noise in all light conditions. The situation is very similar for indoor conditions.

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The sample below was shot in a dimly-lit bar, and the Huawei again renders fine detail the best in our comparison. Detail in the iPhone XS Max image is not much worse, but the Apple device produces noticeably more noise. The Samsung takes the opposite approach to Apple and captures a very clean image, but detail is noticeably blurred. Looking at the cropped area, it is obvious that it smooths away some low-contrast detail via noise reduction, but considering the light conditions, the results are still pretty impressive and clearly better than those of the XS Max and the Samsung.

However, the most intrusive image artifact by far for the Huawei is a hue shift that can be found close to clipped areas in the frame. In the image below, you can see it in the shape of the yellow color around the neon sign on the storefront in the background. In many outdoor images, you can see the same phenomenon in blue skies that turn noticeably cyan before clipping to white. You can see another unusual artifact in this night shot of the Eiffel Tower.

The P30 Pro achieves an excellent score for Flash, thanks to images that show fairly good exposure, accurate white balance, good detail, and well-controlled noise levels. Some slight color shading is visible in both situations, but the results are very consistent and the Huawei performs very well overall when shooting with its LED flash.

The Hollies - Distant Light (1972) (Full Album)

Thanks to its innovative 5x tele-lens with folded optics and super-resolution technology, the P30 Pro achieves far and away the best zoom results we have seen on a smartphone camera to date. In the samples below, you can see that the Huawei captures much better detail than its closest competitors when zooming.

In addition, the P30 Pro controls noise very well, producing not only the most detailed but also cleanest image in our comparison. At 10x magnification, the camera combines the optical lens with a super-resolution algorithm. Detail is reduced compared to shorter zoom ranges, but the difference between it and the competition is still very obvious. The P30 Pro also performs very well in indoor light conditions. Unlike the Apple and the Samsung, however, the Huawei can maintain excellent levels of detail at longer zoom ranges as well.

The 5x image only uses the tele-camera. On the downside, you sometimes get a slightly different color rendering with the tele-camera than with the main camera; in the samples below, for instance, you can see that the 5x image is noticeably more yellow than the other two. With the tele-cam engaged, the AF can take between one and two seconds to lock on.

You can still switch to a 5x zoom if you get closer, but the tele-cam will not engage; instead, the main camera will capture the image using digital zoom. This phenomenon is visible in the close-up portrait below that was captured indoors at a subject distance shorter than 1.

The tele-camera did not engage, and as a result, the Mate 20 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 9 capture slightly better levels of detail using their 3x and 2x tele-cameras, respectively, than the new Huawei in this specific situation. The image below was captured at a 4x zoom factor. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Namespaces Article Talk.

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