Song to Celia

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Interactive Literature Selections Song, to Celia

At some point, while you are reading the poem, were you able to relate yourself personal experiences or encounters, to the poem? Did you feel some kind of connection to the poem because you can actually sense the emotions and the message that the poet wish to impart? Are the figures of speech used aided you to imagine vividly the scenario in the poem? One kind of figure of speech is the metaphor which is dominantly used in the poem, Song, to Celia.

Song: To Celia

A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas, conveyed by the use of a word instead of another. Moreover, metaphor also denotes rhetorical figures of speech that achieve their effects via association, comparison, and resemblance, e. You are right Fiona! Metaphors are comparisons that show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. Metaphors are a way to describe something.

To Celia (Jonson)

Authors use them to make their writing more interesting or entertaining. Unlike similes that use the words as or like to make a comparison, metaphors state that something is something else. It is the beautifully woven comparisons between the woman he loves and things which seemed very unlikely to the subject, right? He was. This type of figure of speech is known as metaphor.

Song: To Celia by Ben Jonson

Now, this is what we want you to do. Gather yourselves into four groups; then, complete the Ladder Diagram presented below by writing in the sidepieces or columns, the two objects being compared. Provide your explanations why the two are being compared in the crosspieces. Did you enjoy the second collaborative activity? We hope you were able to complete the diagram. Now, let us look at your work! Come on, show it to the class!

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Transform the context of a poem into a fifteen-minute broadwayinspired script. Create another possible ending of a dramatic lyric poem. Incorporate a maximum of three relevant song excerpts in the script and be able to perform them. Deliver the dialogues of the script with proper gestures, facial expressions and prosodic features.

What did the poem made you realize about love? Is it an exciting phase of life that we should look forward to? Did the speaker in the poem exhibit genuine love or just a mere physical attraction? Did he deserve rejection from the woman he loves?

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Indeed, we are faced with countless unanswered questions in this world. Questions about love, faith, life and even death! The human mind keeps on searching for answers for so many centuries but until now, only a few were given definite responses. Undeniably, God Almighty, our Creator is the solitary key to unlock these questions. Now, let us try to answer those posted questions in our own means. Form three groups and create a broadway-inspired script out of the poem with your own desired ending, so that you can realize the sentiments of the speaker in the poem as well as visualize the events which possibly took place.

You should also include a maximum of three song excerpts which will be interwoven in the script. Be sure that the songs are relevant to the scene wherein you will be inserting them in. Later on, you are going to conquer the stage and showcase your acting and singing abilities as you perform the script! Each group will be given the criteria for judging and a scoring sheet. They will assess your groups performance and vice versa.

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You should be rational with your judging and you should not be biased. Practice the value of honesty and fairness! Spider Man said, With great power comes great responsibility At this moment, the grades of your fellow students lie in your hands, thus, you have the responsibility to compensate what they truly deserve. Use ones creative writing skills by writing a dramatic lyric poem. The dramatic lyric you have read is a poem about admiration, love, obsession and hope. Jonson borrowed the conventions of courtly love for the poem but manipulated them to create his unique voice.

Traditionally, the lover in these poems is stricken by his lady's beauty, which causes him to idealize her. Ever obedient to her wishes, the humble lover strives to be worthy of her.

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His feelings of love ennoble him and lead him on the path to moral excellence. Task 5 I know that you are equipped with enough insights concerning the text, so you are now ready to take your foot forward to the final task! I want you to write a short dramatic lyric celebrating love or friendship. Include at least one metaphor that brings out your feelings about the subject.

Model your verse form on that of Jonson in Song, to Celia, varying meter and rhyme to fit the development of your ideas. After which, you are going to encode your work and apply a design layout relevant to your topic.

To Celia "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes" By Ben Jonson

Remember that your final output will be collected into one compilation so you better make good in your writing as well as in your designing. Good luck!

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Developing 2 May use an appropriate poetic form. Students use of vocabulary is more telling than showing. Uses some poetic techniques to reinforce the theme. Uses poetic techniques to reinforce the theme. Has mainly grade level appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation; contains some errors that do not interfere with the readers understanding. Students work demonstrates an understanding of the assignment.

Students use of vocabulary is precise, vivid, and paints a strong clear and complete picture in the readers mind. Effectively uses poetic techniques to reinforce the theme. Has grade-level appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation; contains few, if any, errors that do not interfere with the readers understanding. Students work demonstrates a complete understanding of the assignment and goes beyond the requirements. Effective and creative use of an illustration and design enhances the poems meaning.

May contain frequent and numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation that interferes with the readers understanding. Students work lacks understanding of the assignment. Note for the Teacher Give enough time for the students to do the writing activity. If possible, you can provide audio assistance to your students by playing Scaffolding and wait-time must be provided to the students. Constructivist Folio My dear teacher, how well did your students respond to the lesson?