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Six the Musical Don’t Lose Ur Head on The One Show 02/04/19

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Rainbow Six Tracker

Looking forward to future releases if things stay like this. Zulu EP by Focus. Mother Earth's Plantasia by Mort Garson. The subtle Moog compositions will calm human and hydrangea alike. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 1, Every1's a Winner by Red Mecca. Red Mecca turn a Donna Summer classic into pulsing darkwave, with big, cascading synths and driving rhythms. Explore music. Six by IRIS. Was fun seeing Mathew on stage, meeting Andrew, grabbing some merch, and singing till my throat hurt.

Thanks again. Favorite track: Pure White Snow. Kevin Snell. Kevin Snell Another perfect album from these guys Thomas Krauser. Thomas Krauser Awesome lyrics in the final fate. This is so f..

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Best news in years. I guess the album will be among my three favourites of Victoria Fenbane. Sadie Batz. Matthias Einicke. Robert Denton. Nick Reynolds. Kevin Bush. Katie Squared. DJ Eternal. In Python 2, Iterator has one method: next.

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Iterator is empty on Python 3. In fact, it is just aliased to object. This is exactly the functools. Execute code in the scope of globals and locals. If globals or locals are not given, they will default to the scope of the caller.

If just globals is given, it will also be used as locals. Print args into file. Each argument will be separated with sep and end will be written to the file after the last argument is printed. If flush is true, file. Raise an exception from a context. Reraise an exception, possibly with a different traceback. Note that since the exception reraising is done within the reraise function, Python will attach the call frame of reraise to whatever traceback is raised.

Create a new class with base classes bases and metaclass metaclass. This is designed to be used in class declarations like this:. Class decorator that replaces a normally-constructed class with a metaclass-constructed one. Note that class decorators require Python 2. However, the effect of the decorator can be emulated on Python 2. Python 3 enforces the distinction between byte strings and text strings far more rigorously than Python 2 does; binary data cannot be automatically coerced to or from text data.

In Python 2, b returns an 8-bit string. In Python 3, data is encoded with the latin-1 encoding to bytes. Since all Python versions 2. In Python 2, u returns unicode, and in Python 3, a string. Also, in Python 2, the string is decoded with the unicode-escape codec, which allows unicode escapes to be used in it. In Python 3. Code that only supports Python 3 versions of 3.

Each byte is converted directly to the unicode codepoint of the same value. Return the Unicode string representing the codepoint c. This is equivalent to unichr on Python 2 and chr on Python 3. Converts i to a byte. This is equivalent to chr in Python 2 and bytes i, in Python 3.

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Converts the first byte of bs to an integer. This is equivalent to ord bs[0] on Python 2 and bs[0] on Python 3. Return the byte at index i of buf as an integer.

This is equivalent to indexing a bytes object in Python 3. Return an iterator over bytes in buf as integers. This is equivalent to a bytes object iterator in Python 3. Coerce s to str.


This is a fake file object for textual data. StringIO in Python 2 and io.

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StringIO in Python 3. This is a fake file object for binary data. On Python 3, the decorator does nothing. Six contains compatibility shims for unittest assertions that have been renamed. The parameters are the same as their aliases, but you must pass the test method as the first argument. For example:. Python 3 reorganized the standard library and moved several functions to different modules. Six provides a consistent interface to them through the fake six.