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The particular dichotomy of visuality and tactility of the body could explained an idea of this exhibition. Of course it is not the matter to find a fixed interpretation or a comprehend explanation of the work of art. The path that I am to take explores Katharina D.

Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am”

She exhibits Rosskur in a similar pattern, next to the flat screen of the video there are objects of her garment. They should not be treated as a simple documentation, neither as separate from the video itself.

Rene Descartes

They both, video and things create an unique space in which the spectator finds itself as suspended between artificial and real, between visual and tactile. In a way, through this interrelation, we find ourselves as connected to a living and tactile spatiality.

The awareness of our body is strengthen by the use of a sound. To understand the sound is to first fell it before measuring melody by fixed intervals.

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We are held in a loop of life and death — the monotony of time. When we look at another art work, ' LH objects that were hand made out of latex and filled with human hair, the idea of inbetweeness take a form that evokes sewing. When we sew two distinct materials, we usually try to universalize them into one. But Martin does not hide the stitches. Rather than forming united wholeness, she flourished the stitched outside so that they can be seen.

Cogito Ergo Sum - Metro Spirit

Such an emphasis does not have an aspiration to unify but rather to strengthen the open, undefined character. In such an inbetween state she not only traces the gaps or provides new one but seems to suggest ways of interrelations. This interrelation, however, cannot be done through a simple contemplation, visual perception. In order to know the object you have to touch it.

Total Philosophy: Three Problems with Descartes 'I think, therefore I am' (Evil Demon) Theory

This simple act of touch opens the experience of relations where an obscure object becomes suddenly the thing with which we become related to. German philosopher of Enlightenment, Johann Gottfried Herder, who similarly just as we lived in the time of ocularcentrism — priority of visuality, wrote that it is rather touch that determines our existence than Cartesian belief in mind as a determinant of our being, namely cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am.

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For Herder it is rater I feel therefore I am. Without the sense of touch and our bodily spatial existence in the world we would not be able to recognize a meaning of what we just saw or perceived with our eyes. Katharina D. Martin seems to remind us of this tactile performativity. An intriguing work because highly visual at first glance is White-wax wall-installation.

Then there is technology, making things too convenient, making laws impossible to enforce, as the powerful continue to abuse power, more polarization between the haves and have-nots, who will get the best of you and the stupid smiling negative IQ blind Nazi kiss-ass sheep brown-nosing sycophantic Kool Aid-drinking brain-dead zombie Sambo-peon losers who believe authority and the system are wonderful things, and will be emasculated forever when I can use donated 3D printers to print enough ostemy bags to urinate on their graves. Think of me as the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, only now humans face the prospect of the same mass extinction, and then a major implosion leading to a major drop in the world population.

Rise up, or the machines will rise up and diagnosis the human condition with your sin and naivete as hopeless, unless you become trans-human. Just like these manifestos that are spun with mail merge with the change in the pattern itself random to make Web 2. Devolution leads to Evolution and Revolution for a small percentage who want to survive the smoke after Armageddon. Divide and conquer, bad publicity is good publicity. Under the law, we are all cops!

Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am”

So get rid of the people, except those who achieve perfection with my chip implants and become trans-human and immortal. But unlike Jesus, I am not a man of magic, I am a creature of science, that which is tangible and verify-able, with a mating of anarcho-primitivism and techno-anarchy.

And those who try to keep this a secret, better yet, little brothers know who you are and are watching you and will rat you out. You are the lucky ones to be the first to get this warning.

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