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Small Gold Arrow Charm. A really elegant 3cm long gold plated arrow charm which looks fantastic on a 45cm or 60cm chain.

Large Gold St Christopher Charm. A perfect charm to keep you or a loved one safe on their travels. Gold Teddy Bear Charm. A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such he commands affection long after he is out grown. Gold Shark Charm. This gold plated shark measuring just over 2cm in length is too cool. We would prefer to see this animal as a charm rather than Gold Compass Charm.


Follow your inner compass, with this cute little charm. Proboscis 3, Bull ant. Marigolds 4, Spirit terrorbird. Raw bird meat Barker toad. Swamp toad War tortoise. Tortoise shell 4, Arctic bear. Polar kebbit fur 4, Gelatinous abominations. Divine fire spirit. Menaphite gift offering large. Menaphite gift offering medium. Menaphite gift offering small. Shiny columbarium key.

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Spirit impling. Festive box elite. Snowflake Charm 3. Eighth Notes Charm 3.

Teddy Bear Charm 3. Baby Feet Charm 3. Acorn Charm 2. Lotus Charm 3. Sea Turtle Charm 2. Lucky Fish Charm 3. Ballet Slippers Charm 3.

Pink Gold Charms

Heart Lock Charm 2. Dolphin Circle Charm 3. Pyramid Charm 2. Vinyl Record Charm 3. Coiled Snake Charm 3. Bow Charm 3. Gold Bug Charm 2.

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Bell Charm 3. Scarab Charm 2.

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Pharaoh Charm 3. Shark Charm 2.

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Pomegranate Charm 3. Rose Charm 3.

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Pac Man Charm 1. Ohm Charm 5. Skull Charm 3. Ghost Charm 3.

Four Leaf Clover Charm 2. Suits Dice Charm 2 Gold Grams. Striped Bead Charm 2.