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Building the foundations for a more responsible and sustainable future. We are working with partners across the globe to understand how to save lives at risk from poor air quality. Challenging established views and policy responses to migration and its impact on societies in a rapidly changing world.

Birmingham academics work on major issues in international ethics and global justice and train the next generation of students to tackle these issues. Birmingham has been at the forefront of transplants since the pioneering work of Sir Peter Medawar.

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Our researchers are continuing his legacy. We explore what it means to be human — in historical and cultural contexts, within ethical and legal norms and through languages and communication. From atoms to astronomy, computers to cars and robots to robust materials, our goal is to transform our understanding of the world to make life easier, healthier and more sustainable.

Across the breadth of life and environmental sciences we discover, apply and translate science, forging major advances in human and environmental health. We address the challenges facing society and the economy, from shedding light on the refugee crisis, to character education in schools, through to developing leaders in the NHS. The bandwagon about the salaries of senior staff in charities rolls on. This is part of a wider debate about competence, probity and efficiency, stoked by people who, one suspects, have a tenuous relationship with evidence and a penchant for selecting anecdotes that buttress their case.

In the Third Sector Research Centre we have done the most extensive piece of work on this , so we field journalistic enquiries about the subject from time to time. Discussion of the salaries paid by charities to senior staff must bear all this in mind.


Firstly, it may not be sensible to pose the question purely in terms of the proportion of income paid to senior staff. If a company is sick, you have to be gentler — big eyes, big hugs. Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom today said she will ask the Insolvency Service to fast-track its investigation into why Thomas Cook collapsed. Speaking today, Dr Fankhauser said Thomas Cook had "worked exhaustively" to salvage a rescue package. He said: "I know that this outcome will be devastating to many people and will cause a lot of anxiety, stress and disruption.

It told us: "The Official Receiver has a duty to investigate the causes of failure of the company, including the conduct of directors, as part of the liquidation process. Thomas Cook customers are advised to contact the CAA via its dedicated website for more information about what they should do next. We're not entirely sure cats will really use the Little Cat treadmill, but maybe the LED will help coax them in. The Little Cat smart treadmill is not small Pet Ding.

Michael Irving. Michael has always been fascinated by space, technology, dinosaurs, and the weirder mysteries of physics and the universe. Sign in to post a comment. Ianspeed January 9, AM. Okay, so cats don't get exercise??? Who came up with that? Put a GPS tag on a cat and see where it goes!

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Just because you don't walk your cat doesn't mean it doesn't go anywhere. I wouldn't see my cat for days, then some times I'd see him a 1mile away in the next village, but to be fair he did sometimes miss out on a walk when he would come back home in the car!

Architecture, photography, sober hallucinations.

Cats are not reliant on us, they just choose to use us. Catweazle January 9, PM. The best thing for exercising cats is a laser pointer.

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I've never seen a cat yet that won't chase the red dot for hours! MarcinBuglewicz January 11, AM. Jean Lamb January 15, PM.

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My cat would just sleep on it. But she gets plenty of exercise chasing the lawn toys outside. Julie Brooker August 25, AM.

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