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Berlin , the capital of Germany, a city that at one point was divided by a wall for almost 30 years, currently attracts millions of tourists every year. This itinerary will help you to not only see the most famous and important sights, but will also you lead you to off-the-beaten-path monuments and districts of the city. Berlin is a fantastic location if you're both into visiting historical landmarks and good nightlife, for this city has the best of both.

Berlin's fasctinating history will feed your brain and later on you'll be able to relax in the lively and feel-good atmopshere that both bars and restaurant offer here. After which, if you feel like it, you'll go on discovering the parties of Berlin - an indisputable capital of electro and techno music although absolutely not limited to it. First time visitors: solo travelers, friends and families who have a limited amount of time, but want to have a full experience in Berlin.

Useful phrases — some German phrases that might be helpful to you although, admittedly, nearly everyone speaks solid English in Berlin or is an actual native English speaker. Links — a few links to help you navigate the events and the night life easier: listings, recommendations, reviews and prices. Other places to see — some tips on what to visit in and out of Berlin should you have more time for exploration of the German capital.

One of the best known buildings is the House of the Blackheads, originally built by a guild of merchants of the same name similar halls can be found across Scandinavian, including in Tallinn. The original hall was built in the C14th but, after sustaining severe bomb damage in at the hands of the Nazis, was subsequently demolished by the occupying Soviets. It was reconstructed in the s and, despite how controversial the reconstruction is considered, it is an impressive and imposing building. The House of the Blackheads with the spire of the Church of St.

Peter in the background. Other sights in the Old Town include the C13th church of St. Peter with its elaborate, layered spire. Close by is the sculpture of the Bremen Musicians, based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale in which a disgruntled donkey, dog, cat and rooster team up to form a musical quartet but on the way to Bremen, after scaring off a band of brigands, discover a safe haven where they live happily ever after.

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Elsewhere in the Old Town is the C13th Cathedral, situated in a large square which also houses brightly coloured buildings. Close by, in yet another cobbled square, is Riga Castle where the Latvian president resides. Art Nouveau architecture in the Jugend District. The Freedom Monument, erected in the s to honour the soldiers who died in the Latvian War of Independence , is also situated at the edge of the new city.

It stands at 42 metres and the figure of Liberty stands atop, holding three stars symbolising the three regions of Latvia. The statue has a Guard of Honour, with two soldiers weather permitting present at the monument. The weather was also surprisingly mild with temperatures around 7 degrees Celsius. Filed under History , Travel , Uncategorized. Part of my research focussed on intersex people, those the Romans knew as hermaphrodites or those with an ambiguous gender.

The Sleeping Hermaphrodite. Roman CE. Currently housed in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu. Intersex people in modern society are rare. Some conditions such as Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia are estimated to occur in 1 in , births in the U. Intersex Society of North America. It is likely, in Roman society, intersex people were equally as rare but the Romans were aware of their condition in some capacity and, like with many other people with disabilities, treated intersex people with fear and contempt.

They believed those born with physical variations were signs of natural corruption. As such, intersex people could be considered as punishments or warnings from the gods. The Greeks previously used a term similar to androgynous, according to Livy Authors such as Livy and Julius Obsequens, writing many centuries after the events supposedly occurred, are also thought to have embellished their accounts. Furthermore, their original sources thought to be priestly records are now lost to us.

The birth of intersex infants, who were of neither male nor female gender, represented a physical manifestation of corruption within the state. The births usually took place in settlements outside the limited confines of the Roman state at the time. In this way, the Roman state may have been able to suggest to their citizens that the births were warnings not necessarily within their own state but close enough to home to warrant concern.

The baby would be placed in a box and drown at sea or in one instance, a river. Statue of Hermaphroditus. Currently housed in the Louvre Museum.

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As such, intersex infants were used as scapegoats. One instance, recorded in Livy That the child survived to the age of 16 is telling. Initially, as we have seen above, intersex children were thought of with fear and disgust. By the 1st century CE, intersex people were regarded with fascination. The Sleeping Hermaphrodite type, which depicts a seemingly feminized figure lying on hir side, was deliberately designed as an illusion see top image and one below. Those approaching the statue may have assumed — as many modern viewers do — that the sleeping figure is wholly female only to discover the figure possesses male genitalia Von Stackelberg, Similarly wall paintings from Pompeii depict satyrs attempting to rape intersex people.

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The front view of The Sleeping Hermaphrodite. See top image for back view. Paul Getty Museum. Garland, R. London: Duckworth.

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Graumann, L. In: Laes, C. Leiden: Brill, pp. Greaves, A. The Classical Quarterly. Satterfield, S. Von Stackelberg, K. Classical Antiquity. This number is an overly high estimation as it means there was one brothel for every 75 Pompeian males Beard, We need to consider that many of these men had wives, slaves or others to satisfy their sexual needs. The building in question VII. Above the brothel is a small apartment which is reached by an external staircase. The prostitutes who worked there may have even lived in the tiny cells.

An alternative theory is the prostitutes lived in the small apartment above the brothel. This would certainly make sense if some of the women, as a result of the nature of their work, had children. The building was utilitarian and each dark little cell was equipped with a stone bed. Even with soft furnishings, the beds would still have been incredibly uncomfortable. There was also very little privacy. None of the cells or the toilet had doors and there was even a gap between each cell. Assuming the cell doors were covered with curtains, one can only imagine the sounds and smells emanating from the cells… and the toilet!

From what we can glean from literary sources, it was only acceptable for men in ancient Rome to visit brothels and there was plenty of services to sate any appetite, including homosexual sex. Homosexuality in the ancient world was considered reasonably acceptable if you were the active i. Tour guides are keen to claim the seven erotic images above the cell doorways were some form of menu for clients to pick and choose their services.

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Many guides claim the pictures enabled clients, unable to understand Latin or possibly unable to communicate with prostitutes of foreign birth, to demonstrate what service they required. However, the positions depicted are hardly overly complicated and even the most basic of gesticulation would have achieve the same result without such artifice. Furthermore, the pictures do not include all the possible services on offer including homosexual sex.

Considering the unpleasant conditions in the brothel, the pictures may simply have been aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, as the couples in the pictures are depicted in far more luxurious circumstances than those of the brothel, the pictures may have provided a distraction by showing fantasy scenarios.

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Filed under History , Travel. On the third day of our visit we returned to Sultanahmet. We went first to the Blue Mosque which is a colossal building situated almost directly opposite the Aya Sofya. The German Fountain in the Hippodrome, Istanbul. The Blue Mosque was built in the C17th and is truly a work of art. Its gigantic columns support a series of highly decorated and stunningly beautiful domes.


Only the ground floor of the building is open to visitors outside of prayer times as there have been some problems with the theft of tiles. Next we headed to the Basilica Cistern which was part of the water system built in the Byzantium period. The huge underground cavern is made of a series of columns which support vaulted ceilings.

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  8. Keep an eye out for the two Medusa heads and a tear drop column, features of other ancient sites which have been recycled to build the cistern. One of the Medusa heads from the Basilica Cistern. Afterwards we went to the Topkapi Palace which has to be one of the most incredible buildings, or rather a series of buildings, in the world. The Palace itself is built around three courtyards which each have a number of rooms, stuffed with treasures, leading off of them.